the lotus flower AND THE PADMINI WOMAN

the lotus flower, padma, has always been symbolic in the East, because eastern thinking professes living in the world but remaining untouched by it. you should inhabit the world but the world should not linger inside you. if you have passed through the world, your consciousness as pure and innocent as it was at birth, then you have lived a spiritual life.

therefore the lotus flower has become a spiritual symbol. untouched by the water, it grows from the mud in the water, and yet remains untouched. and it is a symbol of transformation, mud is transformed into the most beautiful and most fragrant flower.


padmini woman in the kamasutra is the lotus woman. the woman who is "rahti" (passion) itself. her face is as pleasing as the full moon, her aura luminous in the dark night. her body, well clothed with flesh, is soft as the shiraz or mustard-flower, her skin is fine, tender and fair as the yellow lotus, golden-colored and at the same time resembling, in the effervescence and purple light of her youth, a cloud about to burst. her eyes are bright and beautiful as the orbs of the fawn, well cut, with reddish corners, her long lashes a window to her soft gaze. her teeth are like pearls lying on coral in the depth of the ocean. her bosom is full and high; her neck is shaped as the conch shell, so delicate that the saliva can be seen through it. her nose is straight and lovely, like the sesame seed. her yoni resembles the opening lotus bud, and her love seed is perfumed like the lily that has newly burst. she makes love so that even the god of love loses his senses from pleasure as she lights his desire with her touch. she delights in white clothing, in fine jewels and in rich dresses and wears flowers. when she dances her body and arms are in perfect harmony.  she sings to angels and worships the gods, she enjoys the conversation of brahmans.


such, then, is the padmini, the lotus woman

a woman who is a treasure, love itself, the purest of all women.